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Mike Williams

Mike Williams is a businessman in the world of eGaming and he is the man behind Oomba. Before starting his business, he first experienced playing casino games and he started at a young age. He was specifically interested in poker/card. It was his grandmother who showed him to play stud, five-card draw and hold’em. They began to play every week until he became hooked.

From that time, he realized that his path would lead him to be around cards. In 2004, he enrolled in a poker dealer school, and at age 21, it was when he started supervising a poker room. That was a moment for him when he knew that is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

It did not take long before he got promoted to a full-time supervisor, which only took him three months. Then after six months, he became a shift manager. Not long after that, he accepted a job offer as Poker Shift Manager at Hollywood Casino.

He was amazed by how much foot traffic a casino gets in a week, and became Poker Supervisor in St. Louis. While he was working here, he had a nice working relationship with the director of table games. When they posted the poker manager, he applied and got offered the job a few weeks later.

When he founded his company, esports was already the goal, and then decided to offer board games as well. They thought of it because no one was paying attention to what Oomba offers. Their advantage is the software because it does a lot, including esports and traditional sports.

He built esports stadiums at legacy locations that use a cloud-based management system. Oomba was founded in 2012, and it now has 25 successful video games that people enjoy.

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